Sunday, September 28, 2014

back to school 2014

 yep, that was Tuesday morning, Sept. 4, first day of the 2014/2015 school year:)
 our Lil' Lady off to Kindergarten, marking the first time in 15 years that everyone is off to school!

 the First Lady... last year of elementary and a big ol' fifth grader!

 our second in ninth grade at the high school, and excited to be off that dreaded middle school bus behind him that comes waaay to early:)

and then our First, blazing the trail in tenth grade this year with mama trying to forget he's only got 2 years to go:(
 it was a spectacular summer full of sand & waves, baseball & softball and plenty of friends stopping by!
but we're ready for this school year to start. 
 because ya know, you can't make it to next summer vacation unless you start the new school year first :)
 and we're all about that!
 except for one lonely pup who not so crazy about them going away each day. but she'll be right there at the door for all 3 buses that bring them home!
Have a happy school year!

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