Sunday, September 7, 2014

images from our summer vacation 2014

 view from our condo...boy do I miss that!
 Harbor Walk Village
 the one picture, ever, that I see a resemblance of me in my daughter:)
{she's so much better looking than me!}

 hangin' with the bros

 there was a time when there was only 3:)

 so we walked to a secluded part of the beach and climbed the rocks to get these shots.
 it wasn't easy...the waves were crashin' and the rocks were slippery with seaweed
 but we gott'em...and this was my favorite above. if you look close enough there's a friend hangin' out with us in the center top.
 here's a close up of him!


 at least one was gettin' a bit grumpy..can you tell which?


 she loved the sea, but not the sand. it was tough to explain to her you couldn't have one without the other:)

 sisters watchin' videos in bed
 this was Gus...our captain and guide for parasailing. we put our kids lives in his hands and believe me...he was quite capable
 the jelly fish stings on our First Lady
 the Lil' Ladies first trip to Steak & Shake!

 our trip down...a 20 hour road trip with 4 kiddos. they did awesome!

 1,200 feet up!

 waitin' to go out in the boat and up in the air!
 we got to see a few dolphins on the way out
 the look on our oldest's face is priceless. he said he was just realizing it was a D ring about to hold them up in the air

 just a yellow dot in the sky!

 a quick dip before reeling them in

we all agreed Destin was one place we would all definitely return to...maybe some day!

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