Friday, April 3, 2015

start of the 2015 birthdays...

 our Oldest and the First Lady just had a birthday. quite shocking, in fact, their 11th and 16th birthdays. why can't I ever get used to these kids growing up? it's ridiculous, time is just flying.

 just a few throwbacks...

 and then our oldest on his birthday eve "caught" a wild pitch to the eye at practice and I ended up with the best throwback ever!
 he elected to have a small family get together with dinner at Denny's, his most recent favorite dining establishment.
 happy 16th, you make us proud every day:)
 gettin' hugs from his brother and the Lil' Lady
 the guitar was a combination birthday/babysitting gift from grandma and grandpa. they were headed down to NC for a few days and he was taking care of the dogs and cockatoo. lemme just say he's already playing a few songs. he's always been a quick learner. campfires this summer are gonna be really awesome:)
looks like his sister is catching up to him.
 the First Lady opted for a party with friends. we didn't do a theme this time, just an old fashioned birthday party with balloons and streamers.
 and cake pops. surprisingly easy and dangerously good.
 we used tissue and lots and lots of crepe paper to make these...they turned out so pretty I thought about leaving them up forever. they're still up as I type.
 we went for minute to win it style games which were pretty funny to watch

 until the Kids Choice Awards on Nick came on and that killed the rest of the games!
 she's got a great group of friends

happy 11th, if you could find me the pause button that would be just great.

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