Sunday, March 28, 2010


No way. I mean, I just had her! If I thought eleven years went fast than our baby girl went from zero to six in 60 seconds it seems. .

{Don't forget to pause the music to the lower left!}

In the video she's learning that she's getting her first bike today. Daddy's actually putting it together right now.

So, just like with our boy who turned eleven two days ago, let me share a little update on our little lady now that she's six.
The following are just a few of her art pieces. It seems every day she sees something in her ordinary surroundings that she's believes can be art if she just tinkers with it a little.

This was a bottle cap she found in the field while walking the dog. It later became a leprechaun's pot when she colored and cut out tiny pieces of gold.
She came up with these "robot legs' during the Superbowl

Meatball Snowman

Can you tell what she made here?

I thought it was a deer when she showed me, but she said- "no mom, it's a mouse"
She surprised us with this on Valentine's Day out of things in her "make-over" box.

I have to confess I wasn't so crazy about this one, especially since it was after her bath.

And this was what she made for herself one day without asking first. These are the kind of sundaes I should be eating.

And this? Well, sometimes I'm her palette.

She even takes her own pictures. Her dolls are mostly her models.Happy 6th birthday baby girl, we love you and are so proud of you!

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  1. Oh my gosh, she is just precious and hilarious all at the same time. What a personality to come up with all of those things. I love the Valentine's Day one. So sweet.
    Good luck on your pending adoption.

  2. Happy Birthday! Like you, we have a six year old who, I'm convinced, was just 3 a year ago! Where does the time go??
    She looks like an absolute character... what FUN!