Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sure, we went to the beach on spring break...

There was water, sand, blue sky and 75 sunny degrees.

There was even a man stretched out in nothing but a Speedo. I tried to divert their attention when I first saw him but it was too late and too much of a shock. When one of the brothers started to laugh, little sister scolded him and said "stop laughin', he's takin' a tan!"
More importantly, I think winter is over.

Actually, I did hear on the radio this afternoon that it is the first time in one hundred years that Minnesota has not had snow in March.

Well then aren't we blessed; being that it's our first March in Minnesota.

So Daddy told us about this park he passed the other day. You should take the kids, he said.

So we went,

and for a few balmy hours felt like we were at the beach.

That is, until you looked straight across the lake
{there were people still skiing down that mountain}

We were giddy

And we were serious..about playin' some ball

Feast your eyes on these moments of sibling love

Their choice of beach activity certainly fit their personalities. This one spent most of the time throwing rocks as far as he could

And this one decided these could be taken home to "make something". I tried to talk her out of it, saying that they would stink but she didn't believe me. They are currently drying out on the deck.

This one also shared some personal thoughts with me that I'll treasure forever.

Most importantly, a certain posthumous catfish recieved a burial and funeral fit for a king.

It was quite the process. They kept taking him back into the water to wash the sand off so they could bury him "clean" the sand.

It was a bit frustrating since everytime they dropped him he looked like he was lightly breaded and ready for the grill.

There was a moment of silence and then it was back to the fun

It was a good day for all, and God is good

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  1. Wow, these pictures are fantastic!!!

    Looks like everyone had a great day at the beach!

    We are hitting record highs here in Northern WI!!!!

    I am lovin', if only I could find a beach to take my kids to....