Saturday, March 27, 2010

He's 11 Years Old Now.......

Be sure to pause the music on the lower left before playing the video!

....and I just can't believe it. It's not just that his feet are gettin' bigger and his appetite is gettin' bigger; it's just that he's so grown up. I know you've heard the phrase - where did the time go - well I know where it went. Warp Speed I'm tellin' ya.

This kid amazes us and frustrates us everyday. When I was telling his teacher what school district he'd be in next year he said that they had an outstanding debate program. Well now that's convenient considering debating his parents is what he does best.

Above he's reciting the Gettysburg Address. His teacher offered to give anybody extra credit if they memorized it; he was the only one. Of course that was two weeks ago. Momma was a little late getting it on video.

So now on his eleventh birthday here's a little update on our oldest-

Loves the Civil War, Jesus, mashed potatoes and the color blue.

Hates getting a shower, getting up in the morning and Miley Cyrus.

Has a fear of heights and getting fired.

Wants to be a 5 star general , a historian or a 5 star historian.

Can't get enough cheese.

His favorite season is fall and his best friend is Zak.

Happy 11th birthday baby. Mom and dad love you more than anything.

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