Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last Weekend... 10 year old and I traveled many miles to see this lady, his Great Great Aunt going on 97. It was a crazy trip. We flew in to Cleveland and drove an hour and a half to the nursing home.
It was totally worth it.

This is Steve. She calls him "her boy" and according to the other nurses, she will only walk for Steve.

He has the patience of Job, I tell ya- a very compassionate young man. She is to try to walk once a day, but if it's Steve's day off- there ain't gonna be no walkin'.

She may be very old, but she still has her preferences. Especially when I offered to paint her nails.

Four bottles later we found the right shade and she was very pleased. As the visit wore on she offered for me to paint the nails of her roommate and several other residents.

We organized her area for her. She had a lot of stuff packed in a very little space. It was difficult for her to find what she needed and even reach it. This just happens to be her second drawer of favorites that she shares with another resident that wheels down to visit every once in awhile.

A cheap little desk organizer from WalMart now keeps all her treasures handy

And yet her phone and knitting are what she keeps the closest.

My son amazed me with his patience and compassion. He drew pictures for resident's doors, played his trumpet and sat for hours just talking and telling stories.

He made quick friends with Alverta. Having Alzheimer's, she walks the hallway looking for her room and he would escort her back a few times. The night we left she told him she was cold so he walked her back and covered her up with a blanket.

Wow, where'd that come from??

In all we were able to spend about 15 hours together......

....and even though we were bumped off 5 flights and ended up renting a car and driving 13 hours to get home in time for work and school......

It was totally worth it.

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  1. What a fantastic blessing you and your son were to your husbands aunt and others in the nursing home. You live so far away but its a shame others don't go in more often to draw, visit or do nails or whatever when they live close to a nursing home. One of my daughters is getting her nursing degree and works in a nursing home said she can not believe the lack of moral or care or patiences that employees themselves have with patients.