Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Flew

not much happened in February which is just they way I like it. it did go fast though... i can't believe it's March already! so i trolled through my camera to see what pics i never uploaded and there wasn't much. it was a busy month i tell ya. homework,homework and more homework and that was just the hubs and myself. i'm not accustomed to bringing my work home. ever. but with being .8 this year and only being at school 4 days a week yearbook is killing me so it came home. of course the kids had their fare share too. our oldest and his girlfriend. yeah i said girfriend. this has got to be a middle school record, they've been an item now for over two months. took them to the mall and as they were walking away i have to admit i was feeling a bit sad about time moving way to fast. so i thought i'd be coy and snap a picture from the escalator but she turned around and caught me.
took the First Lady and grandma to see the Princess Diana exhibit for my mom's birthday. no pics allowed except at entrance and exit but got to see her wedding dress (wow) and such wonderful things as her childhood toys and many of her gowns and dresses.
totally worth it:)
Our Lil' Lady growin' like a weed and talking a blue streak
and this. this is our second emerging from the boys locker room. i drove him back to school one night to retrieve the dirty clothes he never remembers to bring home. yes, that trash bag is full. so we stopped at his school locker too.....
and found 7 hoodies and 3 hats
i love it.
God is Good:)

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