Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~ Missing summer

so here i am posting august pics in february. you'd think after this mild winter we're having i wouldn't be missing summer so bad, but i am. only about 80 or so more days until summer break! a different look at baseball season brought to you by the First Lady

hangin' out at the water park

my brother and family coming all the way from NC to visit

and Lil' Lady and cousin meeting for the first time. they bonded over dinosaurs.

this guy loves anything with wheels.....

even if it's a fairy tea cart.

working on the soccer net for our second's birthday party

and our attempt to get a picture with all of the cousins together.

1 outta 5

3 outta 5

back to 1 outta 5

and then 2 outta 5 actually looking at the camera. see what i mean?
so we changed the backdrop.....

and then just waited for the Lil' lady to run through the shot

these two had a fair foot race

interference was or was not called, i don't remember

and then something entirely different was attempted

and the loser was left crawling to the finish line
the ref?

yep, i miss those summer days. the green grass, the smell of the rain on hot concrete

the late nights goofing off in bed

and the backyard campfires which are the perfect ending to the day because they have that wonderful calming effect:)

can't wait for summer 2012....

better get lookin' for those mary jane crocs in her size soon!

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