Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~ Bricks

so at lunch yesterday we ran into some friends who hadn't seen the kids in a while and they commented that we needed to get some bricks for their heads so they'd stop growing. that was the first I'd heard it put that way, but they're right. they are growing and changing so fast. the following was my attempt to save some cash and take their pictures at home to catch those changes. i am definitely not a photographer and know nothing of camera settings and lighting but I was relieved happy with the outcome. especially avoiding having to drag a certain Lil' Lady into a studio who rarely looks at a camera and smiles!
she's not a fan of the group shot.
didn't like the idea of standing still at all.notice mr. green shirt gets the prize for consistency

i call this her celebrity glamour pose.

most were kinda silly, but definitely reflected their personality

but in the end I got some favorites that i absolutely love


  1. they did great! such cute kiddos :)

  2. Awesome.....Awesome..............Awesome! Job well done! Don't sell yourself short these are masterfully done!