Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Snapshot~ the dells

our family vacation this year was a first ever trip to the Wisconsin Dells. i know, it was almost 2 months ago, but there were so many photos to sort through that i just worked on a bit here and there. there would've been a time that i would have created more than one post and written carefully thought out comments of each pic but not his time..mama's back to school! so get ready for one. giant. post:)
i present to you...
our family, at the Dells. 

this guys legs are just too long to sit in the back anymore, so I've lost my navigator spot:(

 Witches Gulch...we all agreed that this was our favorite moment. even over the water parks!
 thanks to tripadvisor, otherwise we wouldn't have known about this hard to find secret spot.

the water really was that green! 

 contemplating his next snack

so this one might require some explanation. we were driving around a state park and came across this bike. maybe it's the mother in me but my first thought was that it looked like a child had been kidnapped off the road because there was no one around anywhere. everyone else said the chain looked broken so hopefully that was why it was there! 

 this was one awesome place to eat!
 everything was brought family style and bowls were refilled as needed. if i recall the menu that night was fried chicken, beef brisket, mashed potatoes, homemade bread, coleslaw and peas and corn. this guy had the waiter hoppin' for several refills of the mashed potatoes!

 bowling at the resort...can't quite remember what was playing on that screen up there. looks rather odd, doesn't it?

free tickets to a wildlife park were included with our stay at the resort. it wasn't huge, they were trying to rebuild an old water park into a zoo and had just gotten started so there weren't a lot of exhibits but what they had was fabulous.
 i could've watched these baby kangaroos sleep all day!

 wake up!
 they loved to give kisses:)

 and these baby zebras were feisty.

 the Clark Gable of llamas.. isn't he handsome?

 did you know a giraffes tongue can be over 20" long? we found that out.

 it was really a treat to hand feed and pet the camels and giraffes. most zoos i have been to you can't can't close to them so it was awesome to hang out with them here. the First Lady fell in love with this pretty lady and named her Camille. she was so sad to say goodbye to her:(

relaxin' in the hot tub, took me forever to get them outta there! 
 the Lil' Lady made some huge accomplishments in the water park. she mastered the thirty and forty foot tunnel slides all by herself. climbing up those steps and ramps over and over again was great for her muscles.

 napping or girl watching, i'm not sure.
 getting her hair wrapped

 this was at dinner...she wasn't really happy to sit with this dude.

this one require some explain as well. we were visiting all of the quaint little shops in the downtown area. some are so full of gadgets and trinkets they're just packed. none of us had been paying too much attention and a couple aisles later we found the Lil' Lady wearing a new pair of shoes she swiped off the counter. i was so shocked to look down and see her with them on! 

ya don't see this every day, do you? 

okay, so we passed this sign on the way back to the resort  and then had to turn around and go back to get a picture of it. we couldn't stop laughing the rest of the night. this phrase has now become a favorite and often repeated in our family now.  
last night at the resort and headed towards the indoor theme park to soak up some more fun. the Lil' Lady was tired , but she couldn't wait to get back on the "Skywalk". 

 sure wish i had this at home! great therapy for her:)

 the carousel was also a favorite. it intrigued me that every time we rode she had to pick the same ol' plain brown horse to ride on when the others were so fancy. i do believe she felt sorry for that horse and gave him all her attention:)
 i mean look at these guys, they are beautiful!

 the vortex...made me quite dizzy!

 gettin' some hugs from big brother.

 the First Lady was peering through the grass to catch a peek of the meerkats.

 our oldest mastered the rock wall. must be those big feet??

 and our Second mastered the arcade:)
 in all, it was a great trip. we felt like we did all there was to do on our visit and will probably not make it a tradition going back.
 we ate some good food & made some funny memories.
already thinkin' about summer 2014 and where we'll go next time, but for now..
that's all folks!
Ni Hao Yall

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