Tuesday, September 3, 2013

that first day

back to school 2013
this morning was a whirlwind. you would have thought we were doomsday preppers the night before with 5 outta the 6 in the family all heading back to school the next morning. but no matter how we prepped last night it didn't matter, things inevitably fell apart. there was anxiety, lunacy, grumpiness, extreme hunger, some laughter and some yelling. we all made it to our destination though.. 1 car and four different buses. FOUR I tell ya!! thought i'd dig out photos from years past, so fun to see how everyone has changed:)
{first day of ninth, eighth, fourth and pre-K}

{first day of eighth, seventh, third and wee Tigers}
{first day of seventh, sixth, & first grade}
2010 I never took:( might've still been in a haze from bringing home the Lil' Lady from South Korea a few weeks prior. that was a crazy time. 
{first day of kindergarten in Maryland, fourth grade & fifth grade- they were only in school for two days before we had to hit the road for Minnesota!}
{the First Lady had a staggered start to kindergarten when we got to Minnesota so she was not in school this day, but the boys started fourth & fifth grade... again}
{her REAL first day of kindergarten in Minnesota!}
2008 picture I am missing. tried all summer to find it and I couldn't. I know I took it, can even remember what it looked like in my mind, but just can't get my fingers on it:(

 {first day of third grade, second grade and the 3's class} 
{first day of second grade, first grade and the 2's class} 
{first day of first grade, kindergarten and the infant class} 
 this one was by far the most excited. she cheered at the dinner table the night before when we reminded her that she was going to school the next day.

this one was not too happy. 
he honestly tried to get with the hype but it just didn't happen. don't let the smiles fool ya.  
it was kind like his first time on the bus for kindergarten. he wasn't happy then either. 

the First Lady was thrilled to go and see her friends, wear her new clothes....
and use her new backpack.
 and this guy...well, he did just fine. it was mama who shed a tear on her drive to school. i was just a bit in denial that my first was off to high school.  
i mean, how can that be??
 Oh well, here's to a great new school year!

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