Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yeah it's cold, but it's fun!

I'm well aware that winter has yet to officially begin, and that it is the first snow (that actually laid around for a week and has since had 3 more inches piled on top of it) but it's still kinda fun.....for now. I can see how the novelty will wear off soon. Perhaps come February?

This one finally got to make use of his August birthday present. He did pretty good. Too bad I can't post the primal scream that he lets loose everytime he pushes off down that hill.

And this one enjoyed taking the "snow down the throat and in the eye" spills. I remember those days.

And this one? Well, this one had trouble with the saucer. Staying on it at least. She never lost her cool even though I did....waiting for that one good run to occur so we could get the heck back inside

We made it back in eventually, removed our steamy clothes and tried to warm our hands under the faucet.

So a little bit o' this..........

......and a little bit o' that

And we were back to normal.

Just don't bring up the princess cup....please

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