Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yes, we did have Thanksgiving

I've neglected to post in quite a while so I'm starting with Thanksgiving, because we did have one up here. With daddy arriving a week prior we were blessed to have him cook the turkey be here to have our first MN Thanksgiving. We found out quick we were missing a few handy Thanksgiving dinner tools that we left behind in our kitchen in Maryland but a quick trip out to Super Target took care of that.
We couldn't have any of Grammy's cranberry salad so we had to settle for this. I know, I'm not much on presentation.

Only two out of three were interested in taking on the wishbone. Something about yanking to break an animal bone that came from something you were about to eat grossed out our second, wish or no wish.

Everybody got a little something.
Some of us dressed for dinner, others insisted on putting on their jammies. Those of you who know our second wouldn't find that strange at all.

The table was moved into our little living room and we ate in grand style while listening to Christmas carols on the TV.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the dinner.....

.....almost a little too much.

After being told to settle and eat before their food got cold, they ate.

And ate.

And ate. They were even the last ones at the table, still eating when I was clearing away the food.
Yep, Thanksgiving day was wonderful but we were missing all of the Grandparents terribly and wishing we could have spent the day with them. Hopefully that will be possible next year. Praying for that house to sell so that we can be in our new home for Thanksgiving 2010; and God willing we'll be sharing it with our four children instead of three!

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