Wednesday, July 21, 2010


About 3 hours ago (as I post this) our little girl turned a year old in Korea.
Tomorrow will be her birthday here in the U.S.

Even though we wish she could be here now to celebrate, we got the two next best things.
One, we know she got our care package.
Remember this?

We weren't expecting to get another update, but last Saturday we got one stating that she received our care package. It was such a surprise that the mail sat on the island for a few hours before I decided to take a look at it. Boy was that a shock to see that envelope from our agency! Included were nine pictures. They were taken July 6 so she is just over 11 months old in these - a whole month older than the last pictures I posted of her. My has she grown!
{Can ya believe she's wearin' the dress???}

Checkin' out her forever family for the first time

And the second best thing came today from the mailman (I'm lovin' that guy I tell ya).

Our I600 Approval

Gee I wish I'd caught that on video, the kids running around the house screaming- She's coming home! She's coming home!

It won't be long now little sister!

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  1. What a cutie!!

    What a great surprise to get...
    an update & I600 approval!!