Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Snapshot~ His Typical Summer Day

Don't forget to get on over to Ni Hao Y'all for some really good readin'!
Weekday morning workbook time.
Gotta keep the mind sharp during the summer, ya know.
He hates this, but I tell him he will thank me on the first day of sixth grade.

Yeah, whatever mom.
{I've always loved that he's a lefty}
Takin' the time to help his little sister.


Anyhow, let's move on.
Checkin' the email.
{somebody please send him something!}

Watch a little "Nick"
Play the Wii

Not pictured- devour three string cheeses in a row
Four hour lounge at the pool
Not pictured- complains of headache and red eyes from using goggles to look at bikinis underwater

Bike ride
Scooter Ride
Shoot some hoops
Challenge mom to our first game ever (for both of us!) of Scrabble.
Tries to invent new words in the English language including "wanq" which he insists is a Star Wars character.

This kid still amazes us every day. He can pick up something new in a heartbeat which accounts for the many instruments he can play. He makes his bed every morning (note- we've never once asked him to) and he can still to this day (he's done so since he was a wee babe) function on very little sleep. On the nights he's allowed to stay up as late as he wants he usually does so until about 2am and then he's up and rarin' to go by 6am.

This will come in handy in Korea if I get jet lag,he says.

We love you bud, and we can't believe how much you've grown.
Must be the cheese.


  1. How fun it must be to watch this little man grow. If he is looking for an e-mail penpail, my Chaz (going into 5th grade) loves that kind of stuff. He loves getting email too! LOL Gotta love kids.

  2. Great pictures of your young man. They do indeed grow so fast. Teenagers before we know it - I can't even think past then! Thanks for sharing!