Friday, July 16, 2010


...for that piece of paper to arrive in the mail. It's the paper that completes the U.S. side of our adoption paperwork and then the rest is up to Korea. Once we get our I600 it's usually only about two weeks after that we'll get our travel call.
Sometimes less.

So yesterday I called the "National Benefits Center" in Missouri where our I600 is waiting to be processed to get our case status. We didn't get the news we wanted to hear. Our file arrived, but has not yet been assigned to an officer. So here I've been stalking the mailman everyday thinking "today is the day!" and it hasn't even been processed yet.

God's timing.

He knows when she is coming home and we will wait.

So at this point, we know that she will not be home for her first birthday, but we will be celebrating nonetheless. Next Wednesday will be her birthday in Korea, Thursday here in the U.S.. We're big on birthdays around here so we're already planning. We want her to know when she's older, that even though she wasn't with us, we were celebrating her.

The twelve month birthday is an important one in Korea. Click HERE to read about the Toljabee. We will celebrate her birthday Korean style when she comes home. For now, break out the balloons, cake and everything else because we're havin' ourselves a party!

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