Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Snapshot- This One Shot Captures Him Well

Baseball, dogs, and jammies.

What else in life could be more important? Well food of course, he'd tell you. But baseball, or anything else physically challenging is his passion- something that he's VERY good at.
And dogs, well, when he was little he struggled with showing any empathy towards others. It wasn't until his fierce attachment to our Oakley and Annie that he began to be able to show it towards everyone else. He says once he's livin' on his own he'll have several dogs. Click here to see his list. Oh, and the jammies are really just his wardrobe staple. He has a pair for every occasion including his eatin' dinner jammies, playin' in the backyard jammies, movie watchin' jammies, cookin' jammies and even this pair which he'll wear for formal occasions.

This boy is a joy I'm tellin' ya. The only time he's grumpy is when he's super tired or the least bit hungry and we try to not let that ever happen- like I said food is serious business to this kid. In fact, he's currently developing his own "foodie" blog complete with his recipes and restaurant critiques. You're gonna love it. Stay tuned!


  1. Love the jammies and baseball... we are a jammie wearin' family for sure :) Can't wait to hear more about the foodie blog... sounds like he's got big plans!!

  2. Oh my he is so handsome! I love when a boy is close with his doggy. He sounds like my kinda kid, jammies are awesome. I love his chinese lookin jammies. Where did you find those? Thanks for sharing your little guy with us. Looking forward to his foodie blog!