Thursday, March 14, 2013

being there

this is my second year teaching at a .8 position and i love it. it means i have one full weekday off where i can just be there.
normally it's grandma or grandpa that get the kiddos off the bus (all 3 busses) and they are the ones who get to hear the stories of the day. i'm a bit jealous because by the time i get home from school story time is over and i usually get "fine" when I ask how their day was.
so at least for one day a week i get the scoop. the First Lady has so much energy when she gets home. she's just like a hurricane that's comin' through...
 and she can barely finish one story before starting on the next! i just grabbed the camera one day and took a few pictures while she was talking. she didn't even stop to ask why i was taking her picture!
these are the moments i want to remember though, because even though she might be ramblin' on about something so random that happened at lunch i want her to know that i'm listening.
hopefully five years from now she'll still want me to:)

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