Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Christmas in March

yes, i did. i didn't blog for a month and a half and when i finally did, i shamelessly posted our Christmas pictures in the month of March.
that's okay though, we can celebrate this guys birthday anytime, right??
so on the Eve, we searched for the pickle and opened our traditional new jammies

i love that Christmas Eve quiet when all are asleep and the tree is just waiting for that morning chaos!
the boys have their tree with ornaments they've selected and made through out the years
and the girls have theirs. some of those ornaments are just bits of paper with a hook but i've saved every one!
the next morning we found our Ollie sampling Santa's leftovers. it did turn out to be his last Christmas.. i'm so happy he made it through just one more hanging out in his favorite place under the trees. 
boy! have they all changed since last year on the steps!

poor Lil' Lady in the glare. i literally took 4 different versions of this and in everyone she was either in the sun, falling down or holding her present in front of her face. this was the best.

this girl loves her Max and Ruby!
what? they're always losing their combs and they were the perfect size for their stocking!

it was a wonderful Christmas... and i'm sure i would have had a lot to say about it 2.5 months ago but for now...this will just have to do!
God is Good:)

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