Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday Snapshot~ goodbyes

Ni Hao Yall
it was a tough start to our new year. on January 27 we lost our Oliver Winston.
 at 18 years old he was a champ. i seriously thought we'd have him at least another year but that Sunday morning when i woke to go downstairs to check their food bowl he was hiding under the shoe table and struggling to breathe. as we waited for the vet to arrive we had time to say our goodbyes. 

 Boo...who'd been suffering from hyperthyroidism and getting worse and worse since Christmas, even came in to the office to say her goodbyes. she and Ollie were inseparable.
 i am so glad we had the opportunity to be with him to the very end.  
 then barely 3 weeks later our dear Boo Boo at 15 years old lost her battle.  she literally went completely blind and stopped eating within a 24 hour period. we couldn't bear to watch her falling down the steps and bumping into the walls. we knew it was time.
 i do believe she missed Oliver too. things just weren't quite right after he'd gone.
 now i prefer to think they're at least together.. curled up somewhere in the sun as i would always find them in the mornings.

 15 & 18 years is a long time to know someone. they were our first children, and our first responsibility. they watched our family grow, came along when we moved 4 times and were patient through it all. and gosh darn it it just hurts to know i won't ever see those beautiful eyes again.
but even as heart broken as we are right now, those years were totally worth it:)
 hopefully we'll have plenty of time before we have to say goodbye to any others. our little Tinkerbell is 17(on the lap below) but doing so well i tell the hubs that she's going to be the cat that makes it to twenty.
Lord thank you for these precious gifts we call our pets. they bring us such happiness and joy:)

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  1. i'm so saddened to hear this...

    i'm a big animal fan and i love your adorable pets.

    visiting via sunday snapshot.
    nice to meet you and have a good day!