Thursday, August 6, 2009

Linking Up!

We are linking up with each other over on Lynnette's front porch (go see it, what a neat looking front porch! to talk about 10 charming or interesting facts about ourselves in order to find out more about one another. Charming I am not. So here are a few interesting tidbits about me.

1. I would love to make photography my hobby lately

2. I wish I could go back to that summer for just one day (1977 to be exact) The pink Huffy, Star Wars tee and homespun pants!

3. I dream of staying home. Staying home to bake, clean, photograph, cook, be there for my sick kids, scour yard sales and antique shops, volunteer at the animal shelter, grocery shop, finish my scrapbooks, hang with my mom and dad, volunteer at my kids school, make stuff, plant a garden, feed the strays and just have time to sit down a spell and say a prayer every once in awhile.

4. I have a soft spot for all Gods creatures, even this beautiful lady who had been living between our deck light and post for the majority of the summer. She's not been there the last few nights and we figure she's gone now. My oldest however found two little tiny spider specks racing across her web this morning. Well, we've all seen Charlotte's now we know.

5. She has the best fashion sense in the world for a 5yr. old, but we all have our bad days. Moments like these and when even my 10 yr. old leaves the table with chocolate smeared across his cheek make me long to hit the "pause" button and keep them this age.

6. I love this guy and the fact that he can fix anything you set in front of him.

7. I can't wait until we finally get that referral and I look upon the face of my new daughter. She's out there now, I just know it. We have to wait though, and it's hard.
8. I love trying out new recipes with my kids.

9. I am addicted to "dead heading" my plants. I find it therapeutic I guess. I could spend hours on that porch - just me and a hanging petunia or potted geranium and the worlds problems just fade away. This one needs a bit more work.

10. I eat way too much chocolate, but I don't intend to change that at all.


  1. What a beautiful family! I'm so with you on number 10. It was cute to see you talk about the five year old and ten year old, that's the exact same with my kids.

  2. Hey! Visiting from Lynnette's porch party!
    Good to meet you!

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    What a beautiful blog and beautiful family. You ARE blessed!
    Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground