Saturday, August 15, 2009

Momma's Back To Work

Sad, but true. It's only been two days and the flowers are in serious need of dead-heading, the laundry is piling up, the pantry is getting bare and the lifeguards are wondering where we've been. I think the kids however, are secretly happy mom is back to work. No more surprise ranting and raving to disturb their quest for the next level while playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii - "Who left this shoe in the living room?!!!! Somebody come get this shoe! Are you serious? No body's going to buy this house with a shoe on the living room floor! Come pick this up, NOW!"

We may be able to still squeeze in a few nights at the pool before it closes. It sure does help to wear them out and keep them off the TV. Of course, school will take care of that real soon.

She really got comfortable in the water this year. I kid you not, she literally spent her entire time doing this.

Of course the boys enjoyed being air born for most of their pool time.

Remember corn wars? Well, here we are with pool wars. Funny how it's always the same two.

She was enjoying her time poolside, doing water experiments with a partially deflated beach ball.


She wasn't too thrilled with the interruption.

Yeah, look at that ornery grin.............he knows what he did.

Just like mom, she eats when she's frustrated. She must not have known though that mom was watching,

or she may not have stolen those cookies before getting to eat our lunches.

Yep, I'll sure miss these days. As crazy busy as this summer was with packing and getting the house ready to sell we were at least able to get some fun times in. God willing, this will actually be our last season at the pool. I suppose we'll be jumpin' in the lakes of Minnesota next summer!

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