Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My 5 Yr. Old Shutterbug

She gets a hold of Daddy's camera more often than he likes. It's usually my fault because she asks me if she can take a few pictures - I say yes - and than an hour later I find the cat paparazzi squeezed under the bed trying to get that perfect shot. The cats have never been so photographed and I think Oliver has now started to take an interest in his appearance again. The first couple of times this happened I was a bit annoyed at all of the pictures that she'd taken and then I started to really pay attention. Here are few from her file. Yes, she has her own picture storage file on the computer. I think she has an eye...what do you think?

She catches those quiet, personal moments.

Here, she had the camera when they arrived to clean our carpets..............

Not sure if he minded his photograph being taken,

but he did say he was a little embarrassed that she photographed the back of his "messy truck" he called it.

I like how she chose to take the shot from below the hanging basket

She caught me blogging here..........

She said she took this as a reminder of what I'm always telling her when I let her have the camera

She has a real knack for staging as you see here in this one...........

.......and in this one

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