Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's Rewind......

22 days ago, we set sail for the great state of Minnesota. In 5 days I had accepted a job, found a temporary home, packed 1/3 of the house, jumped in a car with 3 kids and a dog and drove the 18 hours that began a new chapter of our life. Here are some moments before and along the way I've been meaning to post. Enjoy!

Step 1, I just piled everything I thought we should take and stuck it in one room. Apparently Arwyn knew she was going and was sporting her new "winter in Minnesota" ensemble.
Yes honey, I do need to take my Halloween decorations.....and every dvd and vhs we own. Annie will stay at camp Pop Pop and Grandma to be spoiled rotten until we buy a house out here. At 14 and blind, one move is better than two.The night before packing. Darn, I miss those flowers.

Step 2 was loading the trailer. These were just the clothes for the kids, summer and winter. It's was hard to pick and choose what to take; but we weren't making our big move until later so most had to stay.

Half of it was my classroom supplies, materials, files and decorations. The rest of it my new school in MN offered to ship and was sent by UPS.
These guys were master packers; leaving not a square inch of space "un-stuffed". Somehow, they got it all in..........

......with a stow-away - My best friend in the whole world....wishing to come along.

I'm surprised the door even shut!

Then it was time for goodbyes. These are just a few; some I don't have pics of and some I never had a chance to get a hug from, but you know who you are.

Had to say goodbye to our pediatrician...we've known this lady for a looong time and she's definitely going to be hard to replace - along with nurse Kathy who single handedly gave them every shot for the last ten years!

Dennis, our Schwan's man for 9 years stopped by, he will be missed too!

The night before leaving we headed to Pizza Hut - any excuse to not fix dinner.

....and then said some more goodbyes.....

The next morning we piled into the car, fired up the dvd player, said a prayer and headed up north!

The navigator......

The gamer.......

The dozer.......

The dozer....... The dozer......

We think my classroom supplies passed us in Indiana,

and I got this cool shot in Illinois.

In Wisconsin we milked a cow,

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