Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mission Accomplished

See these faces? Those are the faces of two boys who are in absolute heaven at the local historical society during Civil War Days.

They wore their own gear and fit right in. They happened to be recruiting at the time.

This guy was tough......teaching them about face commands and how to load and handle a musket.

Very tough...he called out our oldest for not having his sack coat buttoned. I think he recognized though the dedication in their eyes. I mean, these boys were like sponges trying to soak it all up, and very eager to please.

Little sister enjoyed watching them being hollered at, it was like a dream come true!

He asked to see their battle faces......
......and then sent them marching off.

This beautiful girl was named Virginia. She's almost 24 years old, and dearly loved by one five year old little girl.

These guys were awesome, and literally took the boys under their wing (and off my hands) for quite awhile. They got some special treatment I tell ya.
We made some great connections and it looks as if we'll be attending our first official re-enactor meeting in October. You see, the boys have been invited to be a part of the the 1st Minnesota Infantry. Most likely they will start as musicians, playing the fife or snare drum.
Our oldest has been studying hard to learn the proper attire. This gentleman asked if I could sew. Art teacher I may be, but seamstress I am not so I guess I'm in trouble!
I guess I could get started on these outfits now.
I do know the Vans and jeans have to go.

Bread baked in a dutch oven with fresh churned butter....yum
On the way I home I heard one say to the other, "this was the best day of my life!" Mission accomplished, and I think a dream of being a Civil War re-enactor getting closer to a reality.