Friday, September 11, 2009

Firsts and Frogs

First day of school MD and MN - 20 days apart........

........but Kindergarten however, didn't start until the next day. So we had a third first day too.

There was much excitement over the fact that all 3 had lockers for the first time ever. I couldn't figure out why a Kindergartner needed a locker, but I think I figured it out. In MD schools policy stated that students stayed inside for recess if the temp was below 30 or 32 degrees. In the parent handbook here in MN, the policy states that students stay inside for recess if the temp is below zero. I'm thinking lockers are needed for the snow pants, boots, and long underwear that will accompany each of my children to school from November to April it seems.

Some of us made friends rather quick.......... the parking lot too. This little guy greeted us one morning before school. "A rare Minnesota frog!" my oldest exclaimed. The other teachers walking in thoroughly enjoyed my 3 native Marylanders chasing the "rare Minnesota frog" all over the parking lot with the new art teacher right behind with the camera.

He declined to have his picture taken though.

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