Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Birthday

Prior to our insanely fast exodus from MD, we had a birthday. Can you believe this guy is 9? Cause I can't. He had his party at the ice rink and invited all of his friends from his third grade class. It was a blast and kids who never set foot on the ice before amazed us with their courage and quick skills! With him, it's all about the food AND the ladies so there was a reason I was chasin' the girls down to get their picture! He sure misses them; I had to remind him there were girls in MN too.

Three days before having to pull up stakes we were still able to celebrate as a family on his actual birth date. In the spirit of "Not Me Monday" I did not put candles in the cake our church had surprised us with (whose box fell upside down in the car on the way home Sunday) and call it a birthday cake. It was actually very unique I think.

Happy Birthday Baby

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