Saturday, October 17, 2009

My daughter....lately

This is just a bit of a cameo on my third, my joy, my drama queen, my -
"I can't wear my sneakers with this skirt today mom because they don't match and I don't care what my gym teacher says so I'm wearing my fashion boots today" -

Her plane trip home was pretty sad, it was hard to say goodbyes, again.

I caught one of her feisty moments. Oh, did I say one? At LEAST one a day.

When I was a few years older than what she is right now, I remember my mom letting me use whatever I found in the kitchen to "bake something". I remember mixing all kinds of stuff together and then wondering why it didn't raise in the oven. I remember tasting it and thinking it wasn't too bad. So the other day when she asked if she could bake something by herself I had to let her.

Without trying to interfere I casually set out some key ingredients, including the baking soda + powder so it would raise in the oven. I went ahead and sliced her some apples. The only way she let me hang around is if she could call me her assistant.

Of course now-a-days we have microwave ovens, so in the spirit of saving time I convinced her to use that instead.

It was hard enough to wait for the results. So I talked her into writing down her recipe while she was waiting.

After about seven minutes, we had something. I let her be the first to try.

It was the kind of thing that tasted pretty good at first. Probably due to the cinnamon and apples.

But after a few bites the baking soda kicked in.

Good thing looks were more important to her than taste, because it did look really good she said. Smelled good too.

Sunday reading

Thankfully, it's been 4 months since the haircut she gave herself. See here

How I love this girl. I hope we always stay the best of friends.

Keep a look out for the boys here soon

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