Saturday, October 24, 2009

Check out that sky......

Ya like that? Isn't it beautiful? My dad made it :)

(borrowed from a story Pastor Dave told us last Sunday. When I took this picture I just had to use that line)

So anyhow, a while back, when dad dropped in from MD for the weekend- we took a road trip just to see what we could see.

We found a pumpkin weighing festival; a few were over 1,000 lbs!

Vendors selling cinnamon kettle corn and honey sticks were favorites

A pumpkin patch had lots of animals to love....and this one that resembled a family member back in MD

Further along we found a town celebrating Oktoberfest. For two bucks and a velcro suit you could attach yourself to a wall like a spider.

A beautiful day.....with lots of fun had by all.

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