Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yet Another "Not Me Monday"!

Gotta think real hard this time around. When you're a perfect wife and mom like me there's not a whole lot to confess to! Here we go with -

First of all, I did not just say I was perfect. Just a bit flawed, that's all...

.... and really, I did not give in to peer pressure and finally buy that book that it seems the whole world has read but me (that they incidentally made a movie from) and then proceed to read it within 12 hours because I just could not put the darn thing down. Yeah, that one.... the one with characters named Edward and Bella.

...and well, I did not allow my boys to have the camera yesterday afternoon while I was busy getting lost in that book, cause if I did, then I would've found pictures like this -

and this -

(this is not my refrigerator)-give you one guess which kid thought it creative to photograph the contents of the refrigerator.

Oh, and I am not going out to buy the second book in the series tomorrow.

Last, I did not send my husband back up for a second piece of cake (at the wedding we were at) because I had heard there were two different flavors and I had to try both.

Phew! I feel better now that I've gotten all that off my chest

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