Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday/ Two Cool Cats- "We're Having This Again For Dinner?"

Okay, so not so wordless- but he would love for someone to come up with a good caption. If ya got one, leave it in the comment section (now don't be shy)and I'll post the one he likes with the photo at the end of the week. Now back to yardsale prep......... Oh, and this songs for Daddy.


  1. two cool cats -- when do we eat ?

  2. Okay... How about this. :D

    "We're having THIS again for dinner?"

    (Hee hee. :) Actually, it looks really yummy!)

    "You've worn your shirt inside out all day again, MOM? I think all of this packing is definitely frying your brain..."

    "Are you sure, Mom? MINNESOTA??? Don't you know that the record low temp is 98989898989 degrees BELOW ZERO???"

  3. How did you know I wore my shirt inside out all day yesterday?? :) I wish we were packing at this point- right now we're still in the "do we really want to take this with us?" stage. We have a community yard sale this Friday and I'm soooooooo tempted to invite people in to just cart it all out. But then, what would we sit on?

    Thanks Tera for the comments- they made me smile today!