Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Third

Able to remember the words to a song after only hearing it once, but will forget that she's a lady when slugging her older brothers.
Swipes flowers from the neighbors (or Grandmas) yard without asking and insists they remain in water so they don't die. Sings 14 hours out of the day and will ask incessantly to play Barbies. Quick to let you know she's not pleased and will make you late because she hasn't found the right purse to match her stuffed animal. Will wear several outfits a day, loves raw broccoli and every condiment known to man. Prefers purple to pink, has perfectly polished nails, but has the legs of a tomboy.

Loves the ice , her kitties, her dogs, her guinea pigs and every stink bug and ant that crosses her path. (Did you know they all have names? The bugs, I mean)

Takes pride in tormenting her brothers, hates having her hair brushed and waking up before it's her time.Five going on fifteen, and she's our croc-wearin', tattle-talin', pickle-eating, ice-skatin', lip-gloss wearin' entomologist- and this just happens to be her favorite song at the moment. ("Amazing")

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