Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday - "Fred Sanford's Driveway"

Is it Monday already? Not that I have to go to work or anything, although the boys do each have a dentist appointment and we have about 4 other errands to run. Shhh, don't tell the kids........they hate running errands. Anyhow, we're off to a carnival this evening. It's time this family has a little fun. The last two weeks have been quite a bit of work getting ready for two separate sales in our effort to downsize as much as possible to prepare for the big move. The kids have either been helping or left to entertain themselves so mom and dad can get it done, which brings me to my Monday confessions- better titled -

I did not actually take a picture of our yard sale (who does that?) just so I could get the satisfaction later of looking to see what we no longer have to clutter up our home.

I did not at the end of the sale (signaled by the 1.5 hour time lapse since the last customer) decide to just give it all away free. I did not then coerce my oldest into holding a sign by the road for three hours (he had a chair) to entice passersby to stop and fill their trunks with all of our junk. So we wouldn't have to put it all back in the garage.

Quite thrilled to help, he was a very enthusiastic salesmen and was able to entice many cars into stopping. After a while though he got a little delirious silly in the heat and thought that shouting that we had church pants for sale to passing vehicles would bring in the crowds.

I did not ever wear those pants.

I did not convince the nice couple walking their horses dogs to carry away a box of books and two fake plants.

even the guy on the scooter took something free!

Our second would now like a Great Dane for his birthday in a few months. I've explained to him that we are only allowed a 15,000 pound weight limit from our moving company and one of those would put us just over.

And last, I did not offer to buy bribe my oldest one of his favorite WWII Forces of Valor kits on if he could just stick it out a little while longer with the sign.

On a side note, I went to put the sign in the trash this morning and had to laugh at what he wrote......

I did not buy him 16 kits!

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