Friday, November 16, 2012

10 days of thankfulness~ day 4

i am thankful  for time..
  time with this guy, who is 17 and happens to be around for another Christmas. Oliver's favorite thing is gettin' under those trees. i told the hubs last year i was afraid it was going to be his last Christmas, but i was wrong thank goodness...i hope he'll be around for a few more.  
 we have three that have been around since before we were married, before kids and 4 houses ago. that's alot in a cats lifetime. they've watched each child come home and even each cat and dog to come after them and i can't imagine them not ever being around. ever. so you hear that Oliver.. 
 Boo (14)....
  and Tinkerbell (16)? You're just gonna have to make plans to hang out a lot longer cause this mama's not ready to say goodbye anytime soon! 
 then there's the younger crowd, Becca(5).... 
 Luna (9)
 and Gideon (7), quite possibly the coolest cat ever.
 and we can't forget the rescue, Arwyn (age ?), the misrepresented one who the shelter cleverly packaged as a lab boxer mix and that was later confirmed to be a lab pit bull mix. she loves her persons, her kids and even her cats, but dogs? don't even suggest it. she's not a fan.
 after quite a rough start 6 years ago she has come to undeniably be a member of the family. we couldn't give up on her knowing what she was. we knew she would have a difficult time finding another family so we stuck with her. we're so glad we did.
 this guy was the stray we couldn't leave behind 900 miles away. don't know where he came from or why he chose us (well, that could've been because the first time i saw him in the woods i started putting plates of leftovers out) but when we learned we were moving we couldn't not bring him along. 
perhaps his mission was to help rehabilitate this one, but the two formed an unlikely friendship as soon as they met.

kinda reminds me of dragon and donkey from Shrek:)
but they sure do love each other.

 our pets bring us so much joy. yes they are a lot of work and i vacuum several times per week to keep up with the hair (i luv my Kirby)but it's totally worth it. they are the stress relievers and the comedy makers of our home.
and i swear a few of them are more human the animal!
so today i am thankful for my animal family:)

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