Saturday, November 17, 2012

10 days of thankfulness~ day 5

i am thankful that these two are sisters....
 that that they will always have each other to hang out with. the First Lady is always coming up with projects and activities around the house and the Lil' Lady is always ready to jump in head first. here they took the leftover candy apples and sodas from our Halloween party and tried to sell them back to us. nobody really keeps any cash on hand so neither girl was happy with no customers. we tried to give IOU's but they were'nt havin' it. they wanted cash.
 it's not always roses, especially since the Lil' Lady's speech has improved and she can make her needs and wants known.
 they have their squabbles as i'm sure most sisters do, and i'm pretty sure as they get older those squabbles will turn into battles.
 i just love seeing them together though. the First Lady likes to be her teacher and sometimes her therapist too!
 on this day she was determined to teach her some gymnastics, but she was very careful to keep a steady grip on her since she's so wobbly.
 i hope that despite their battles over clothes and bedroom space someday they will both have each other's back when they need arises.

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