Thursday, November 15, 2012

10 days of thankfulness~day 3

i am thankful for our oldest who makes me laugh with his spot on impressions.....
 and who is so much like me we sometimes clash. especially when the plans he's made without telling me interfere with the plans i've made without telling him. sheesh. 
 this year on our day out together we just bummed around the mall drinking chocolate milkshakes and terrorizing the t-shirt shop. you see we took all of the obama shirts when no one was lookin' and hid them behind the romney shirts. we did our part, even if it didn't work:)
he did some girl watching while i wrote notes about what he saw that he liked for Christmas.
 he still drives us crazy with his projects. below is some kind of go-cart with a bicycle wheel that he spent 3 weeks in the garage workin' on. several buddies have been over to ride it and even contributed a part here and there. one kid even brought his grandmas pillow for padding. hope she wasn't still using it?? 
i have to say i'm proud of how he's handling himself in middle school. he's friends with everybody and makes it a point to not get involved in the drama. he keeps up with his grades too. Hoping that continues on in high school.
and that's less than a year away. oh boy. 

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