Sunday, November 18, 2012

10 days of thankfulness~ day 6 {Sunday Snapshot}

Ni Hao Yall
i am thankful for this Lil' Lady.
 i am thankful she's been growing in so many areas. recently she had her checkup and we learned she is still in the 95th percentile for height. she towers over some of her friends her age and when we tell her age some are surprised she is only three.
 we also learned at her check up that she had a "foreign object" up her nose. say what? the doctor couldn't tell what it was and she also couldn't get it out when she attempted to so it was off to the emergency room! 
  it turned out to be a sparkly fuzzy blue pom pom. the last time i saw those was while i was prepping materials for a craft at church. this mama's embarrassed to say that was 27 days ago. so yes, she had that in there for 27 days. thanks goodness the doc found that!  
  but it wasn't a pretty sight in the ER. there was a side of the Lil' Lady that came out that i had never seen before. a badger comes to mind... and not a very polite one! and that was before they stuck anything in her nose, that was just when the nurse wanted to put the bracelet on her wrist. 
 it's all good now though:) 
 this girl makes us laugh every day. especially now that she's using her words so much more.
  just this morning when she was having her bath i told her Thanksgiving was only 3 days away. 
 she responded with yay! i started to name all of the things we would eat for dinner that day. i said, "we'll eat turkey, and mashed potatoes and corn and stuffing" then she chimed in with "and pizza!"
this girl loves her pizza, she's been known to put away 3 whole slices and part of a fourth!
yep, i am so very thankful for this new little one we have in our family. i seriously could not imagine this crazy clan without her!

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