Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~ Santa

Ni Hao Yall
So we found out that as hyped as the Lil' Lady has been about Santa in the last month she definitely has her doubts. We went for our annual ornament trip to a local nursery and when we pulled into the parking lot the jolly ol' man himself was standing at the entrance greeting everyone. well, she couldn't get out of the car fast enough! she was hollerin' Santa! Santa! as we were trying to unbuckle her. she tried to hurry across the gravel lot stumbling the entire way, but as soon as she got to him and he held his hand out it you would've thought he was the boogey man! she started to shake and turned to reach for me to pick her up. "i'm scared of Santa" she said over and over.
say what?
so much like chuck e. cheese, Santa's going to have to keep his distance if this Lil' Lady's around and just be admired from afar.
the First Lady decided later that night that she was going to help. all i know is that sometime during dinner prep she disappeared into the bathroom with some paper, scissors and tape and came out as Santa.
 bless her heart she played the part pretty good and the Lil' Lady quite enjoyed it....
 even told "Santa" what she wanted for Christmas!
 according to the First Lady she has now been rehabilitated and is ready for another shot at the mall.
something tells me though it's going to be another year before we attempt that!

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