Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10 days of thankfulness~day 2

  today i am most thankful for.....
am i a dweeb for saying that Pinterest has revolutionized my life? well that, and the ipad the awesome hubs got me for Mother's Day.
thanks to the big P i have tried more recipes in 8 months than i have my whole adult life. i've always loved to bake but this old dog has learned some new tricks like the candy corn cookies below and the healthy baked parmesan green beans above. i could eat those like candy! the chicken and potatoes were compliments of the colonel who loves to cook too. anything i do anymore the kids say "pinterest mom?" and they're most often right.

 thanks to pinterest i now have a slew of ideas for winter boredom, and for summer vacation? man, i'm gonna be a busy girl.  
 for my classroom i have turned my Pinterest boards into my planner. it's allowed me to photograph my projects from 18 years of teaching art and put them all in one place by grade level. all my displays, visuals, videos and lessons have been making their way on. it's fabulous to have it all in one easily accessible place. when i start my lesson i just log on and the projector puts it right on the whiteboard for all to see.
thank you Pinterest, you're my new best friend
{except you lied about the Magic Eraser in the toilet deal...that didn't work}
 PS- this little activity however kept Our Second and the First Lady busy for over an hour on a rainy weekend!

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