Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 days of thankfulness~ day 1

i am thankful for this moment...
 when my mom pulled out her wedding dress and had the First Lady try it on to surprise me.
 she was so tickled to have it on!
so amazing to think my daughter got to wear my moms wedding dress.
i am thankful that even though she's 8 now, we still have "firsts"...
  like the first time she got her nails done.
 her grandma and grandpa took her back in March for her birthday

 and she was really gettin' into it

unfortunately though another one of those "firsts" in school is her first crush. 
we're definitely not ready for that! hopefully we've got plenty of time before we try on wedding dresses again,
  in the meantime, i'm thankful for photoshop that helped her turn herself into a ghostly bride for Halloween! 

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