Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 days of thankfulness~ day 8

i am thankful for the view outside my back window. when we left Maryland we left behind a backyard with woods. i loved that and was sad to leave that view. the wide open space behind us is beautiful and even more so throughout the year as it changes.  
 this scene reminded me of a Christmas tree in July! i was so glad they hung around long enough for me to get the camera.
 and this little fellow wasn't quite ready to fly and perched on the bottom deck rail for quite some time. i love the birds here, so many different kind to appreciate.
 believe it or not, this was about six in the evening last June with a storm front coming in.
we see lots of storms coming over that field in the backyard and with some we usually end up in the lower level!
if i recall this one wasn't as bad as it looked, pretty dark for that time of day in the summer though!
 lots of creatures we're always finding. we found an 8 inch salamander a few weeks ago in the front yard. didn't get a picture of him though.
according to this guy we should have a mild winter. i hope not, i've been wishin' for snow lately!
 we've had several bald eagle sightings since we've moved here. i'll never forget this one perched on top of the neighbors roof!
we also have plenty of ducks and Canadian geese and hawks out there too for a good part of the year. there's a gray heron named Reggie and white crane named Andy that fly by so often we've obviously named them.
and then there was this little thing that nobody could figure out. he was the strangest caterpillar we'd ever seen. when the kids matched it up on line they found out it was an eastern swallowtail butterfly!
this was the result of some pretty heavy rainfall we had over the span of a few days last spring.
and don't get me started on the sky views and sun sets! i never seem to get a picture of those, but they sure can be spectacular in that back space. back home we weren't able to see the stars like we can here too, the sky's so big it reminds me of our honeymoon in Jackson Hole.
we've even had a few visitors including this guy under our deck, plenty of squirrels and even some coyotes that come and holler at the back fence. pretty neat for this nature lover. and aside from the birds, the hubs would be relieved to know i haven't fed any of them. although, if that raccoon is brave enough to show up at the sliding door on the deck again he's gettin' a treat.
i just can't resist:)

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