Monday, November 19, 2012

10 days of thankfulness~day 7

i am thankful for this guy.....
 who is still my boy even though he's a middle schooler.
 i've said it before, he's always in tune with what i need at the moment and he's right there to do it before i can even ask. there have been some busy mornings when i find the Lil' Lady already buckled in her seat at the table with her milk and breakfast in hand and this guy is sitting beside her texting away as if it's no big deal that he took care of that for me. one morning he even changed her pull-up. he asked me to never speak of that, ever. so i don't think it will happen again but that's alright.
 in January he starts basketball. he's been wanting to play for so long so he's really pumped about it. he's done a bit of everything; soccer, hockey, football and of course baseball but apparently basketball is what he's wanted to do forever. i'm excited for him, but nervous all at once. after all, it's taken me 7 years of baseball to finally get all of the rules straight. i know nothing about basketball. zero. it's gonna be crazy, but i'm looking forward to it!
 he's definitely a nutball. this mask was his little sisters, but he prefers to dress up in this outfit and stand in a dark corner and wait until his Grandma gets home from work late at night to scare the pant off her. it does work.
 when we had his day out the main objective was basketball shoes. he was officially labeled by a Footlocker employee as a "shoehead" and it fits him perfectly. this boy does love his shoes and would love to have a closet full if we could afford it.  
 but for now it was all about getting the perfect pair for the court. when i saw the price tag i about fell on the floor. i don't think anybody in the family has ever bought a pair of shoes with three numbers in front of the decimal but thankfully the guy pulled out his price gun and said he thought they were on sale. they were. and this mama was happy....
but not as happy as the shoehead!

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