Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 days of thankfulness~ day 9

i am thankful for my oldest girl...
 who can be so very sweet,
 but can also be so very, very ,very sassy. she may only be in third grade, but some days i feel like i'm dealing with a teenager. makes me wonder what's yet to come!!
 see that hair? it's a mess. she wants to keep it long, but doesn't want mama to do anything with it. 
 i try, but don't do a very good job. when i'm able to get her to let me play with it this is what happens. 
  i need someone to come and do a hair artist in residence with me and stay a week!
 on our day out together we went shopping. we started with a butter and cinnamon crepe.
 it was her first and she wasn't quite sure she was going to like it, but let me tell ya, she finished it off all by herself.
 we ended up in the American Girl trap store.
 about 3 hours later, she was pooped but i was still goin'. say what?
 she's supposed to be my shopper girl, the one that can go all day. i suppose it may kick in when she's older.
 she did con me into getting some sticker nails. i warned her they wouldn't stay on and they didn't. she was able to find another use for them though.
 i have to post this moment. after her big brother had completed his "go-cart" he offered to let her be the first rider.
 she wasn't quite thrilled at first, i don't think she thought it was very well built.
 but she was brave and went for it.

 i wish i took a video so you could hear her screaming all the way up the road. turned out she loved it!

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